Mängdrabatt lämnas på följande titlar.

Raymond Chandler

Farewell my lovely

Killer in the rain

Pickup on noon street


Poodle springs

The big sleep

The high window

The lady in the lake

The little sister

The long goodbye

The simple art of murder

Trouble is my business

Nelson Algren

A walk on the wild side

Chicago – City om the make

Never come morning

Somebody in boots

The man with the golden arm

The last carousel

The neon wilderness

Martha Heasley Cox and Wayne Chatterton

Nelson Algren

John Fante

1933 was a bad year

Ask the dust

Dreams from Bunker Hill

The road to Los Angeles

The wine of youth

Wait until spring Bandini

West of Rome

Jack Kerouac

Lonesome traveler

Satori in Paris

The Dharma bums

The subterraneans

William S. Burroughs

A report from the bunker

Literary outlaw

Nova Express

The adding machine

The soft Machine

The wild boys

Charles Bukowski


Ham on rye

Notes of a dirty old man

Post office

South of North

Tales of ordinary madness

The most beautiful woman in town